SAMPI poultry success

Chicken feed mixed at 6% with 15-20% oil in hydrolysate is resulting in high omega and selenium levels in eggs. Soon to be launched to the market. So both better health for the chickens and better health to the egg consumer. Eggs being one of the most efficient means of delivering nutritious food to young and old.


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Kimbers Freerange Products                 Kimber Pty Ltd

31 January, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

This is a testimonial from Kimbers Free Range Products. We have been producing Free Range Gluten Free Eggs since January 2002.

In starting this operation we were looking for all natural products to help the Health and Hygiene of our birds and we went through many and tried many products!

Approximately 5 years ago we came across SAMPI, who produces Tuna Hydrolysate and we started using this product in our chickens diet. We currently use it at the rate of 20 litres per every tonne. We could probably increase this and it would also be good for our birds, but we are happy with their performance with this ratio!

We noticed that the birds health improved, the shell colour, quality and egg yolk colour improved and the eggs appearance were shinier, and birds were obviously healthier!

Recently we ran low of this product accidently, and had to wait for the next delivery and noticed a dramatic change in the yolk colour and the egg shell quality!

Thank you so much for providing our industry with a excellent product!

Kind Regards

Michelle Kimber


Great results on Quail growth

Quail - The reporter also did an article on quail as trail indicated with Sampi (into drinking water) showed encouraging results with chicks more alert, faster growth and ready for slaughter within 24 days instead of 40 days. Next step on this is to get the Agriculture Department to endorse this trail.