SAMPI Fish Hydrolysate

SAMPI is located in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

What commenced as a very modest pilot plant in 2004 to develop products from the large source of waste material from the Bluefin tuna & kingfish Farms, plus the local tuna cannery; has evolved into a purpose built modern factory on a new site; with production in excess of 3,000t of fish waste per year.

Fish waste, that was previously faced with the prospect of disposal in landfill, is now naturally enzyme processed at low heat to produce a high quality Fish Hydrolysate; which is highly beneficial in increasing soil fertility by encouraging soil biology growth; resulting in healthier soils and subsequently the plants & crops that are grown in them. The hydrolysate has a broad spectrum of trace elements that are often lacking in highly leached, depleted soils that comprises much of Australia’s agricultural land.

Pumping fish hydrolysate

SAMPI hydrolysate is in liquid form. It contains 5-15% omega fish oil; shown to be highly beneficial for growing healthy soil funghi as well as a concentrated energy source for soil biology. Healthy soil biology fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere and aids the plant in uptake of nutrients for healthy growth. Active soil biology helps retain moisture in the soil for longer and also helps ‘unlock’ bound up nutrients insoil.

The Hydrolysate is in a highly concentrated form and “ a little goes a long way”. Once agitated and diluted; it can be applied directly to soil or as a foliar.

Fish Hydrolysate has also been found to be very effective as an additive to composts – accelerating the process by feeding soil microbes whilst adding essential trace elements to the mix.

Other products produced at SAMPI include: (non-ruminant) stock feed supplements (poultry & pigs), and a range of fish attractants and berleys for the recreational & commercial fishing sector

SAMPI Hydrolysate is organically certified by NASAA and is available nationwide and overseas – direct from our factory or from depots in WA and QLD. Product is sold in 1000L IBC’s

SAMPI factory

SAMPI South Australian Factory

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